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Default Seasonal Closure

Recieved from Tim Foss; Trails, Wilderness, and ORV Manager
Cle Elum Ranger District


The Cle Elum Ranger District will implement a partial closure on motorized trails this Spring. This closure applies to motorized recreation only. Individual trail loops will be opened to motorized traffic as they dry out and seasonal maintenance is completed. Maps will be posted at trailheads and on websites showing which trails are open, and these will be updated regularly.

Typically on the Cle Elum District, there are a few low-elevation loops in the Taneum and Liberty areas that are dry and logged out by Memorial Day, but the majority of trails are still wet.

Motorized groups have encouraged us for years to keep the trails closed while they're wet because the damage that's done is often much worse than what can be repaired the following summer. We are committed to opening trails as soon as possible, and we will have a number of employees and volunteers working on these trails to get them open. As soon as a trail loop is dry and logs are cut out, we will open it within 24 hours.

Watch for details and/or contact the Ranger Station at 509-852-1100. Please note that the Naches Ranger District will be implementing the same type of closure, but it is not anticipated that that any motorized trails on the Naches District will be dry enough to open by Memorial Day.

Cle Elum Ranger District

Please pass the word!
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