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I think this explains their donation process the best...

Giving Philosophy

REI dedicates 3 percent of the previous yearís operating profit to its annual giving budget to help conserve natural spaces and create opportunities for outdoor recreation. Since 1976, we have given $29 million to organizations aligned with our goals to protect our natural heritage and promote the benefits of outdoor recreation. In 2009, we donated $2 million to more than 250 like-minded local and national groups. While the percentage we gave compared to our annual budget is consistent with years past, the economic downturn impacted our earnings, reducing 2009ís giving budget to a level below what we were able to contribute in 2008. For a list of 2009 local and national grants made to conservation and recreation nonprofits, click here.

The majority of REIís giving is focused on grassroots efforts that engage our members and customers in the communities we serve. Our grants program is predominantly guided by employee nominations. We believe that this approach is the most authentic way to invest in communities because REIís nearly 9,500 employees have the strongest connections to the communities where they work, play and volunteer. Because of our community-based approach, we do not accept unsolicited requests and proposals.

While we are pleased to provide financial support to nonprofit organizations, our most important measure of success is the quality of our philanthropic efforts. To best ensure that our giving efforts lead to positive change, we work closely with every grantee to leverage our resources and relationships. We measure every proposal against a set of five criteria Ė impact, substance, involvement, relevance and accountability. Each proposal is also evaluated according to its impact on our goals to increase outdoor recreation and conservation. This helps ensure that our grants are strategic, and create the greatest positive outcome.

The funds REI invested in nonprofit organizations in 2009 delivered the following outcomes:

ē35,306 acres of land and 6,042 miles of trail maintained

ē663,323 hours donated through 76,355 volunteers (via nonprofit grant support).

Wouldn't it be nice if all offroad companies donated 3% of their operating profit to support motorized recreation?
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