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Originally Posted by Big K View Post
Does anyone still shop @ REI now that Cabelas is local?
Hate to burst someone's bubble but Cabela's is also listed as anti-access although not to the same degree as REI. Look at the list of ORG's Cabela's support. Can't get anymore anti-access than that.

Let me add that I shop at Cabela's, not often as I choose not to travel that far. I do not shop at REI (although years ago I use to do electrical service work for both the corporate and retail side). I tend to shop local even though it limits my selection. But we all try our best to spend our money and support companies we think support our lifestyle choices. Proves to be very hard. I find myself being a hypocrite often. Sometimes more often than I like.

I do think we should encourage those companies we support, to support our access rights and I have worked to see that those companies know of my wish's.

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