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I have to tell you the truth.. I have read many of comments from all different areas.

If you go to the Discover Pass website.

The first page says $30 bucks for annual pass (transaction and dealer fees may apply) then goes on to say enjoy nearly (nearly?) 7 million acres.. now look at the list of exemptions..
this is just one of them.. Off-Road Vehicle (ORVs): If your ORV is required to display an ORV tab,you do not need a Discover Pass for that vehicle. Generally, ORVs are non
street-legal vehicles.
You will need a Discover Pass for the street-legal vehicle that transports your ORV to a state recreation site. The trailer does not require a pass.

I still have questions and concerns about what happens if the inforcement feels my steet legal ORV tabbed vehicle needs a pass and does not meet the intent of this expemption??

There are more questions and hopefully soon more answers..
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