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Default event!......Showed up with no spotter so after asking around had a competitors wife volunteer to spot for me. Turns out she's (Brandy Southall) a real pro and spots for an all womens team in Cal-neva.She did a great job!!!
First course of the day was the tough one and very long. This was one of those where you were lucky if you complete it without timing out.....We weren't lucky and although we did well and almost made it we timed out.
Second course of the day was much more doable but had one tough section that was giving everyone trouble. As I was ligning up for the tough part I cut a left front tire. Still almost made the tough part but due to the flat were forced to take the points and continue on. At the end of this course was an optional bonus line which had denied many people during the day, it was a bump up over a ledge about 10 feet or so with a sharp breakover. It took me two shots but I made the bonus with one flat tire.:smokin: I had several spectators compliment me on this later on so it must have been prety cool.....
Course three after borrowing a spare wheel and tire, this was the go fast timed course, two laps around. James Tracey had set a fast time of 1:48 seconds before we ran. Brandy wanted to ride along, bet she never does that again:laughing:. First lap we did in 44 seconds but cut the right front tire and bent the rim at the start of the second lap. Had a hard time steering and actually had to stop and back up at one point to get back on line. Finished in 1:47 for the fastest time although hit two cones which added one minute to our time.
Long story but I was unable to get the second tire/ wheel fixed so we were done for the day.
Got to catch up with some old friends and met some new people too. Overall I had a great weekend!!
Rick Wiltfong
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