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Default Reiter Work Parties

There are 3 work parties scheduled for this month @ Reiter!

Make sure you RSVP in the thread on NWW...
Its real and it can be made faster with your help!

Here are some Reiter work party dates please come and help develop the new Reiter if you don't show up to plan out the trail path and to help brush the trail so the engineers and planners can put the trail path on paper.

Please bring hand tools for brush clearing such as clippers, gas powered weed-eaters, weed cutters, Machetes, loppers and so on. Don't forget to bring your PPE's (gloves, boots, long pants, long sleeved shirts, safety glasses, and a hard hat if you have one.

We have a planned brushing day for this Saturday, June 18th.

We have another planned brushing day for Monday, June 20th. I will have a 6 person WCC crew joining us, so we should be able to make a lot of progress this day. The crew is out of Bellingham and I will need to lead them in, so I might not make it out there till 9:30 AM or so.

Our final planned brushing day is Sunday, June 26th.

Please try to arrive at the yellow gate by 9AM on the 18th and 26th, 930AM on the 20th. Remember, plan an extra 20 minutes in your commute to travel around through Index.

Please RSVP back to me if you can make one or more work parties. Nows your chance to provide input and get the process moving!
There is another thread for discussion...
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