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On the way in to Palmer we pulled over to let people pass and an Alaska State Trooper pulled in front of us and got out- we are looking at each other like what did we do - we were so NOT speeding and we let people pass. He comes up to Gene's window and tells him he was trying to get a good look at the Jeep from behind and when we stopped he thought it was the perfect time to get to look at it. Awesome experience, very nice man alltogether. told us the rules for being street legal and his favorite places to wheel and what we will find different from home. It was a great almost hour we spent with him at the side of the road and got a great jump on some info for wheeling! Totally not what we expected when we saw him pull in though lol.

Said they build them big and cheap here and mud is the big thing. we will have to expect a lot of mud before the snow comes. We went to a place that had a banner saying "tough trucks today" and spend the evening watching...... mud bogs. yup - that was it - just mud bogs. It was a lot of fun to watch and will be trying to get a little more of a tough truck thing going if there is a way here. would be fun!

So anyway - a couple of very fun experiences there reminding us to NEVER assume!
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