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I moved the front brake lines and took some final measurements. Here is where I ended after getting the ride height dialed in.........

Wheel base 100"
Castor 7.5'
Front Pinion angle 6.5'
Front DS Angle 12'
Front DS Length 42"
Transmision/T-case skid clearance 17 3/4"
Rear DS Angle 19'
Rear Pinion Angle 17'
Rear DS length 19"

This is not a complete how to build thread but I think it will answer a few questions. If you want to know anything just ask. It took me almost four weeks to complete this. But it was only because three of them I didnt have any help. My friend Brandon from Albuquerque came out to Las Vegas to help me do all of the major cutting and welding. I put on some spidertrax wheel spacers to help with the clearance. Throughout this whole build there was only one mistake that was made that had any impact. When we did the front hoop support bar and the radiator overflow bottle was not installed. So I had to go get a Moroso overflow bottle PN 63657 and clamp 63401.The driveshafts were lengthened at Adams Driveshaft in Henderson. I got to say a PLASMA is a must for a project like this.

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