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Originally Posted by marty tilford View Post
Do they have a course set up for our race rigs? I know most all our rigs are not made for rocks, logs, and deep water.
There is a bypass for the rocks & logs, but it has a time penalty. You can skip the mud (I did), but not sure if there is a bypass for the tires/concrete culvert.

The events are currently set up as 1 what you brung. There has been discussion about setting up a 40" and up tire class for the really built rigs...don't see any reason they couldn't accomodate a low clearance class into the mix.

IF there is interest from the PNW4WDA racers, we could ask Beau what he is willing to do.

Beau's email is on the flyer SNBBROWN@LIVE.COM and his phone number is 360-931-7389.

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