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Default Re: Okanogan-Wenatchee and Colville NFs Forest Plan Revision

Originally Posted by Grumpy View Post
It's a big deal as far as I am concerned! No input to the FS from this group will not sit well with a few folks. It's supposed to be what we do! Ah, well, I'm not one of the cool kids, so I doubt anything I say will hit anyone too hard
Yes and no.

Yes, your comments will count. As the FS has repeatedly said,m all comment count. They do not recognize form letters and petition.

They are interested in specific comments that provide valuable input such as "This is not good because...." rather than "This is not going to work".

And it's most import if you include why it impacts you.

However, I have found out if you can include economic benefits, i.e., "If this is done, you will decrease local impact dollars by $XXX" goes a lot further.
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