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Originally Posted by dirk View Post
It sounds like it is being managed by another Russ part of the old managment or new?

Part of entry fee was based on some sort of series type deal. Not exactly sure but it came across as a yearly fee to be part of all the events. If that's the case certainly there is already some overlapping moneys that would have to be dealt with. One of the guys called me and asked if we would be participating again.
I told him the deal with Russ and my disappointment on the deal he broke, and told him "NO" I would not be returning.
The guy said he would try to make it right.
Really it's not a huge issue in the scope of things. But they better get their stuff together if they hope to attract me back. I'm not going to risk a $1500 dollar weekend again based on just promises. The whole set up, race, load up go back to the RV park, do it all again the next day was a bummer and I wouldn't do it again. Not wanting to come across as complaining but more than a social event this was a race and they did a rather lousy job taking care of the folks that were putting on the show.
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