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Default Fire Extinguisher Mounts - Custom/Made to order - $24

Saw these over on PNWJeep...
Originally Posted by trophygirl
These are about 8 inches long. They can be customized as far as any way that flat plate can be cut with a laser. You will get the 5 pieces of plate, a spring pin, and a spring loaded pin assembly. You must weld and assemble this yourself. You will not get radius'd plate like shown in the photos, it will be narrower and flat (the same as the plate on the fire extinguisher side of the plain mount). However, if you have a way to radius plate, I can send you the kit without certain pieces and the price would be reduced accordingly.

Lead time should be less than 3 weeks including delivery.

Custom mounts are $30. Shipping is extra.

Update: Up to 4 or 5 mount kits fit in the USPS flat rate box for $5.20. So for orders under that quantity, shipping will be $5.20.

$24 each for basic mount

$30 each for custom mount

I pre ran 40+ miles of the CODRA Paisley course last weekend with it. No issues.

Poly Performance sells a similar welded version for $65 plus shipping...

I'm ordering 3 mounts from Trophygirl
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