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Default Look out, Oregon

To all:

If you like to drive a vehicle with different than OEM tires than you had better get on the phone or email and contact your representatives on this one. Oregon’s Governor is pursuing a bill that will make it illegal to install tires of a greater rolling resistance than stock. This means that even mud or snow tires will be illegal even if they are the same size due to the softer compound and higher rolling resistance. Taller or wider than stock tires will be completely out of the question. More info here including how to contact your representative:

If you don’t live in Oregon you may still want to contact these people and your local representative so these lame ideas don’t come up in your state.

Best of luck to all of us in stopping this one,

Jim Cole
CAGE Offroad Products
Dave Walters
Tri Cities Peak Putters
Land Use Coordinator

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