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Well I did attend the Yakima meeting . The place was packed. The USFS did there usual Job at skirting and squirming around what they were up to. Most of the room was interested how many roads and trails that would be closed . The USFS answered this question with ...
This isn't going to be discussed at this time because it falls under the Naches travel management plan
And in some factual way that is a true answer. But this Forest plan revision is the frame work on which land closures will be made in the travel management. They also said that the Forest plan revision wouldn't be finished by the time the Travel management was finished . So there shouldn't be any worries. But they are working closely together to make sure all the Travel management would coincide with the forest plan revision. So that tells me that the USFS has a end game plan and they are being patient enough to get all the nails properly pounded in the coffin so they don't come loose. And as said earlier in the discussion about what areas are getting zoned as what. Such as most of the Little Naches is going to be active restoration 2. Which will give the USFS the right to make a Wheeling season like they do a hunting season. Unlike the way it is managed now were they can only do emergency forest order closures. I can almost promise that is the way the Head Naches district ranger wants to go! And it will look like this June 15th-July31st. The start date:To make sure all the ground is rock hard and dry. The end date: Must shut down the forest to motorized use due to fire danger.
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