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I have read the proposal front to back. Here is were I am forming my opinion on active restoration 2.
This was quote was taken from:
Page 59
Recreation setting and activities - The area supplies a variety of dispersed or developed summer and winter recreational activities that are motorized and non-motorized. Seasonal use restrictions occur for the purpose of resource protection or recreation management. Recreational use is generally dispersed. Recreational developments, such as campgrounds and trailheads, are imbedded within the area, but are their own separate management area. Human-caused changes from management actions related to recreation are generally limited in scale, can be visually evident, and reflect a roaded natural recreational opportunity setting.
I am a 4x4 and dirtbike user and trails are my main focus . But I believe all motorized roads or trails could be interpreted ruled by active restoration 2 that appears labeled as such on the map. What if they close access roads to your trails then what?And as I previously stated this creates a frame work for the travel management plan which directly effects trails.
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