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Default jeep cherokee parts

Ok this is kinda a poll, A buddy and I are finally all set up for fabbing and are building a variety of things for our cherokees and buddy's ford ranger, such as
front winch bumper, xj and ranger
rear bumper with tire swingout and jerry can holder
rock sliders with mounts (weld on)
tube doors front and rear, for ranger also
hoops from xj front bumper to rock sliders
hoops from xj rear bumper to rock sliders
ford ranger flat bed kit
rear xj quarter pannel guards

so my question is who if anyone would be interested in any of these items?
our goal is to make quality products for a lot less then the crap on ebay and out of the catalog but hold up to a good beating like my little beast gets, and we are local so you wont be paying a Fq&* TON on shipping lol.
All tubing will be hrew(non structuarl things) and DOM for the rest, all mounts to frame from bumpers 1/4'', use of a tube bender not a pipe bender.

As interest rises and projects complete I will post pics. Thanks all!
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