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Default 9/11 tribute

I just can't believe it's now been 10 years since 9/11... I can so vividly remember sitting, eating my breakfast watching as the events pan out, then later in that day sitting in class watching as the towers collapse.

well I just wanted to start a thread on your most memorable moment, what you were doing, or how it affected you subject. and what you plan on doing to remember and honor on this day of sorrow-remembered

I think for me it would have been a week after. It was shore patrol down in ocean shores. I remember my father and I going into town after setting up camp at ocean city state park. While grabbing food supplies at the IGA, the local stir was that there was to be a vigil in the IGA parking lot for the community. Racing back to camp we made it aware to everyone of what was going on and it was just amazing the turn out of rigs and people that came down to support this vigil. I was intrigued that almost every rig had an american flag flying some how. that was a special year, and i'm glad that we were able to help the community of ocean shores in this dire time of adversity.

whats your most memorable moment?
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