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Current fire perimeter and closure area:

Sept. 17th Update:

Shadow Lake Fire Update

Safety is Priority Number One In Burned Areas

Sisters, Oregon - Fire officials remind forest users that when burned portions of the Shadow Lake Fire closure area reopen to the public next spring, there will still be hazards in these areas. Visitors are asked to be aware of the possible danger and use good safety practices. The fire has produced aerial and ground level risks in the form of burned out stumps, (“stump holes”), uneven ground, and dead trees (snags) which could fall. The safety message is this: “look up, look down and look all around” to identify danger and stay safe. Practice safety with every visit into burned areas.

Fire Behavior Specialist Todd Rankin said Thursday afternoon that “there is nothing significant in the seven to ten day outlook that will increase fire behavior substantially.” Next week, however, as temperatures and wind increase and humidity decreases, smoldering logs will burn more vigorously and unburned pockets of fuel in the interior of the fire may ignite. Expect slightly more smoke in either the Sisters area or the Willamette Valley, depending on wind direction. Residents should expect to see smoke in the fire area until significant amounts of rain or snow fall.

Fire line construction has been completed and suppression objectives have been largely achieved with rehabilitation work well under way. Much more work remains, but a smaller team can now manage the fire and finish the job. As a result, plans are in place to transition command of the fire from the National Incident Management Organization (NIMO) Team, to a Type 3 Incident Management Team. The Type 3 Team operates with the same functions as the NIMO team but on a less complex level and with fewer assigned personnel. Transfer of command takes place at 6 o’clock Sunday morning. Incident personnel have been reduced from a maximum of over 700 to 350.

The Shadow Lake Fire remains at approximately 10,000 acres with 40% containment. After today, information will no longer be posted on the web, although if there is a significant fire activity or changes in closures, it will be posted on Inciweb at
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