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Question Request for Feedback

The Discovery Pass is heading for a bit of rework.. Can't solve all the issues at once but would love feedback on some options that will be proposed and how they could impact us.

Transferability is by far the number one concern with many folks.

1)Current proposal on the table is to have 1st pass be $30.00, 2nd pass be $15.00 so an incremental approach.

2)Another idea was to have first pass be $30.00 and option to buy a super pass for additional 30.00 with unlimited transferability.

3)Have one pass, with additional space for multi vehicles, up to 2 vehicles.

Volunteer hours was also a huge topic but one that we ran out of time to discuss but feedback is being asked by the user groups to provide options on how to manage.

My 2 cents: I see a program that will evolve much like our “We Did it”.. you apply for your event to be included as a sanctioned event, you designate contact person for that event, you make them accountable to collect names, miles traveled and hours spent. If trash clean up how much was picked up, if trail maintenance how much material was user provided, travel time, hours spent. You all get the idea.

There was talk about community service time and those that are state mandated to work….. should those hours count toward a pass?

I also would like some feedback on the following areas as well. If collectively we can help provide solutions or ideas. Saying "don’t have the pass"

will not work for as you know the short fall in budgets will lead to them closing areas. So lets be proactive and provide ideas that could work for all of us.. I know many of you recreate not just in your OHV but also Hunt, or Fish or even Horseback..

What are your thoughts on the following:
1)On Discounts (Due to existing state laws, certain residents are exempt from paying for access to parks but not exempt from DFW/DNR lands).
•Senior citizens
•Foster families

2)Volunteers hours
3)Recreation area designations
4)Convenience charges at DF&W Dealers
5)Dual registrations - Some street legal “orvs” have the ORV tab, and are trailered into DNR lands for trail use – technically they are required to have a pass on the trailered vehicle if it is “street legal” and in most cases these folks are buying the ORV tab voluntarily…the intent was to get the towing street legal vehicles, but not the “ORVs”.

On the dual registration – this one really only effects us and the sport bikes. So as you can imagine they are not overly concerned on this one. But that is not to say if we could help them better define this ruling, why in our case some of our street legal vehicles really are not street legal do to WAC rules. This one is a real grey area.. and maybe that we dual register knowing the tab fees do more for us then the pass does. This one is still needing a bit more understanding on the impacts and solutions.

Please feel free to provide comment here or send them to me via Email.

I know you all have opinions and so do your friends.. the more we can collect for concerns, solutions or ideas the better chances that we may end up with something that works.. it will not go away and fees will not change for 2 years.. So getting mad is not the solution.

Working to find a way to make this work is what is needed..

Heck we spend more on parts in a given weekend that cost is not the factor just the inconvience and yet another fee..

All the feedback collect will be passed on to the DNR. Here is your chance to make your voice heard.
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