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Default Discover Pass

I buy a hunting license and get a stewart access for WDFW land and last year i could access DNR land with it. But this year i need a discovery pass to access DNR land. And that money goes where? Probly the general fund. Or atleast most of it does. I can understand paying for an access pass if the money goes towards some seen improvements on the lands we access. Not these fancy new upgrads on camp grounds that alot of that pay for these passes dont even use. I have been buying a hunting and fishing license for about 12 years or so now and all have have seen is more gates on roads in areas i use to hunt because people dump there ****. But thats another issue. I would just like to see some the money go towards the areas we use. Not the general state fund. Or The Black Pine Lake camp ground in twisp. Last year it was all gravel. But i went by there this year while hunting, And they paved the whole thing made the camp sites bigger, add a fancy new boat launch with like about twenty or more parking spots. Mind you this lake is only 10 acers or so big. I just dont get it.
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