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Default Discover Pass

Hunting license. Combo deer, elk, bear, cougar, with discounted small game $115.50

( This doesnt include if you want to put in for special hunts either. The bad thing is this fees are effective September 1, 2011 But the hunting regulations came out April 1, 2011 with fees already in the regs.)

Fishing license. Annual combo fishing/shellfish. $52.25

( This doenst include the annual razor clam or columbia river salmon and steelhead endorsment either. And dont lose your salmon punch card because thats another $12.10 too. )

Discovery pass. $30.00 ( But wait there is a $3.00 trans action fee, And a $2.00 dealer fee ). So that actually brings are total to $35.00

The feeling this state gets when giving us the shaft. Priceless

Heres the site with some of the fees.

If you want more info on the BS just click on discover pass in the website above.
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