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Originally Posted by zukkev View Post
How would you be able to put a pass in each vehicle if you tow your wheelin' rig to the trails? Just curious...
2 Piece permit. 1 part is the mirror hanger, it has a tear off wallet section. Problem would be that to confirm compliance would require contact with the permit holder. My experience says nothing but problems with enforcement as dealing with people who either don't understand or don't care will create headaches.

To restate my position: I pay property taxes. In the tax statement there are numerous acessements (fire, schools, hosipital, library, etc). Seems it would not be a hard thing to establish a taxing district called State recreation. Each property owner would share the burden of supporting parks and rec. Seems to simple and fair to have something like this created. But so goes the State Gov. Seems like the state is helll bent on fixing the problem rather than solving the problem.
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