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Default October 2011

Region 2 Delegates Meeting
Tacoma, WA

Director Dan Morris called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence for the sick and departed was observed.

We had one guest, Eric.

Minutes: A motion was made by Derrick Clark (Rednecks and Rugrats) seconded by Mike Mayfarth (Tacoma Webfooters) to accept the minutes as printed in the Tri-Power. Motion passed.

Treasurerís Report: motion made to accept the treasurerís report as read. Thank you Derrick Clark, Mike Mayfarth seconded
We Did It/Club Power: please turn in your paperwork. Mike Mayfarth will get in paperwork from Operation Shore Patrol

Naches: No report. Rub rails need to be put up, bridges need repair. Donít forget about Winter Closure, November 15th. Letís look forward to a Spring Work Party

Evans Creek: Construction is done. The new road to the campground is punched in. December 15th is the seasonal closure for Evans Creek. Forest Service has been doing lots of work up there on drainage.

Elbe: Nothing new to report. The ByPass on the Mainline trail is now complete

Tahuya: DNR published some new maps. The purple diamonds are now GPSíd. Work party is on November 19th. January 1st is the date to reopen the campgrounds.

Land Matters: The Forest Service is facing a 10%reduction in funding for the next 5 years. They will be looking at trails with the least amount of usage. Please plan to go to the next TWIG meeting November 1st at the Naches Ranger Building to express your concerns.

The rock crawl area at Rimrock is open for use. Rimrock looks to be in good shape.

OHV Watch: Angie states that Straddeline is pretty dry on the track. They have used a lot of their own resources. Please continue to use the racetrack and help them stay in business
Nothing for Letter Writing

Way & Means: Tiffany still has sweatshirts, stickers etc.

PR: Nothing much going on at the moment.

Future 4-Wheelers: No report

Competition: Race Season is over. Racing in the Dome: Four Shows this year at the Dome, Rob needs 25 rigs per show. This would be barrel racing only. January 13, 14 and 15th.

Old Business: Thank you for going to Operation Shore Patrol, only one warning was given to stay off the soft sand. Please plan on going next year, the third weekend in September. Possible discussion of splitting the beach up into sections and having different groups clean specific spots on the beach. Send your future ideas to
The proceeds from Summer Convention: Where should those funds go to? Please give your ideas for next month.

The Region is hosting the Fall Delegates meeting in 2012. Location would be the Comfort Inn and Conference Center in Tumwater, WA. Cost of a meeting room is $450.00, but waived if 15-20 people stay overnight. A motion was made by Edward Campbell (Dog Pound Offroad) seconded by Derrick Clark (Rednecks and Rugrats) to host Fall Delegates in 2012.

New Business: PNW is going to do an audit on equipment, race equipment and a financial audit. A committee is need to do the audit and is looking for volunteers. Please bring your list to audit for the next meeting.

Future Meetings and Announcements:
Next is November 17th at 4WheelParts
03/10/12 BOD meeting hosted by the Hombres at the Edgewood Fire Station
03/11/12 Spanaway Moonshiners swap meet at the Puyallup Fair Grounds

Meeting was adjourned at 8:38.

Respectfully submitted by
Nichol Phillips
Secretary, Cascade 4x4ís
Nichol Phillips
Cascade 4x4's Tacoma
El Dorado Dust Devils
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