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Originally Posted by jim putman View Post
From the october region 4 meeting minutes.

Doug Conner (Roaminí Chariots) had nothing new to report on Juniper Dunes.
Discussion followed on the October 4th TWIG meeting last Tuesday at the Naches Ranger Station. We need to have a bigger showing from our Association at the TWIG meetings to let the Forest Service know that we will not stand for them closing our trails. Since we have several clubs that volunteer time to clear trails and maintain them, there really is no excuse to close the trails down. If you look at our record as an Association we have worked with the Forest Service, volunteering many weekends to educate the public, building bridges and by passes around areas of concern for several years; we are a responsible group of users. So if you really want to help your Association, please plan to attend the next TWIG meeting on Tuesday, November 1st at the Naches Ranger Station enter at the back door. Letís fill that room with 4X4 users, and let the Forest Service know that we are not going away. The Forest Service plan is to close 10 miles of roads/trails a year for 15 years so thatís 150 miles right there. Folks the Forest Service needs to hear from us, or we wonít have anything left to recreate on.
I guess. Maybe we should plan rally around the building. I believe the only way the Ranger is going to let up on closing our trails is to get more outsiders looking at her. The media like KIMA. She has little respect for what users think. That is one reason she trying to do a long term seasonal closer order the ORV trails. This is against what a lot of us want. She says that is what we asked for. It is a twist of truth. She says that way if it is to wet then they would not have to go through the process to do the temp closures every year. Sounds like she is trying to lock us out or maybe she don't want to do her job every spring.

I will see you next Tuesday Jim.
Clay Graham

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