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Default Eastern Washington Adventures N Wenas Halloween Run - Oct 29 2011

Cleman Mountain Halloween Backroads Run
Report and photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

Cleman Mountain Photo by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

Around 10 AM on October 29th, 2011 we convoyed from the Eastern Washington Adventures Club House in Selah to the North Wenas part of the Wenas Wildlife Area for a backroads run up Cleman Mountain. On this run there was my F250 and seven Jeeps (Guido, BSC, nwhooligan, Tiny, TJ40, Tealtard & BlindPilot).

We aired down at the Hay barn off North Wenas Road and headed up W1100. Up the ridge the road became steep so I put it into 4 wheel drive to make sure I would not kick up rocks and hit the rigs behind me. At the top of Cleman Mountain we ran the the ridge Southeast to the end of the Green Dot where we stopped for lunch. After lunch we back tracked past where we came up and ran the top of Cleman Mountain Northwest. At Lookout Road we turn to go back toward North Wenas Road. We aired up at the parking area off Maloy Road and headed back to the Eastern Washington Adventures Club House. This backroads run was fun and had a lot of great views.

Back at the Eastern Washington Adventures Club House we started the Halloween Party early. Some of the guys played on the RTI Ramp. A lot more people showed up around 7 PM. We had a potluck dinner. Once the sun went down it got cold. The outside fire place kept the smokers warm as most of the people stayed inside. Some of the kids played in the Haunted House and didn't care how cold it was. The Halloween party was a lot of fun.

For the full report and 69 pictures see: http://www.easternwashingtonadventur...un-Oct-29-2011

Clay Graham

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