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Originally Posted by Dogfather View Post
I personally didn't take notes but sounded like allot of Back peddling...I still can't get over Jess (I think that's right) saying our Trails are only Maintained at 8% of the National Standard, I still can't wrap my Brain around How a Trail on West Virginia, or in Colorado could be anything like our Trails..

Irene Did a Good Job of Defining the things she was Quoted as saying, But when asked about the 10 miles of Trails/Roads being closed every year....(( Oh that's Forest Service Nation Wide )) She didn't deny it...

Maybe they Think it's time for a little Scare tactic to get New people involved...

That worked at Elbe! Our Focus Group went from 4 people to 15/30 Folks every Meeting.
Thanks for the up-date.

I wish I could have been they to hear her cover up what she was quoted saying. She has a way of talking around the truth. Maybe she should run for office because she sounds like politician. We are going to hear her false truths until one day we go to runs some trails and they have really been closed. It will be to late to do anything. It has already started with her wanting a long term option season closure order.

Clay Graham

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