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To me the solution to this is you pay $30 for a pass. On the pass you have room for up to (let's say 6 vehicles) The user of the pass must be the registered owner or owners of the vehicle that it is being used on. Also just like the forest service pass a sticker can be given out for jeeps that can't be locked so no one can five finger the pass. This will allow taking in a jeep to jeep with and have a tow vehicle there also weather a motor home or in the case of a day trip a pickup. No vehicle that's being towed in should require a second pass. This way the pass can be transfered from more than one vehicle to whom the vehicles are registered to. One pass per vehicle can be used at a time. If you are going to have more than two vehicles at a time other than the towed in vehicle another pass would be required. What I've said here may need to be tweak a little but I think you get the point. Myself and a couple others that I know will not buy a discover pass as it is now. We will just stay out of places that it is required.
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