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I strongly feel it would be a huge dis-service to the 4x4 community for our association leaders to recommend ANY of the three options above. Just because a government agency is offering 3 solutions that in no way address the issues that 4x4 enthusiasts are facing does not mean that they are cooperating.

DNR has a history of appearing cooperative while just forcing us into a solution that does not actually solve any of the unique problems experienced by the 4x4 community. We are partners in stewardship of those lands in question and deserve to be treated as such.

The hiking community leaders were successful in swaying this pass away from the original "per person" system, the 4x4 leaders should be able to have some swing as well. "The meek shall inherit the earth", is a bunch of crap - let's get out there and fight...

While there is likely no PERFECT resolution to any fee system, I would offer "why re-create the wheel"? The Northwest Forest Pass seems to works somewhat efficiently. You purchase a $30 ($35) Discover Pass and get a hang tag to be used wherever you see fit (no space for license plate numbers- completely transferable. Then, upon request, they will give you a "theft proof" sticker for your Jeep (or other open vehicle) for FREE.

And then enforce the **** out of it. Punish the people who don't make the effort to get the proper pass and stop punishing the user groups who not only have been cooperating by purchasing the passes but are consistently the top contributors of volunteer hours on state lands.

I feel a rant coming on, but I will stop here for clarity...

I'm not offering this solution based on what's best for me personally, but what I feel will best serve the majority of the 4x4 community. I have two (2) Jeeps and multiple tow rigs so I will be forced to buy at least two Disco's no matter what (and already have purchased 2 for this year).

My 2 cents - take it or leave it...

For the record - I choose option "D" in the Poll - NONE OF THE ABOVE!
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