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There are many things that I agree with in that choosing one is like saying I will take what is being offered and not fight. But facts are.. If our numbers were like those of the snow mobiles or hikers we would carry more weight. But even they are not able to influence enough change. They are also asking for Option 2. And other things.. they have huge volenteer hours put to projects. I don't see our figures on man hours to know how they compare. But in listening to the committee meetings I have attended they have lots of man hours applied towards projects. The snow mobiles represent 30,000 tabs purshased last year.

Yes we do lots for the DNR, no question there and with the joint efforts of other groups our voices do get heard. Case in point we are being asked our opinions. I asked for ideas and of the ideas they received they looked them over and came up with the best and easiest to administer in current conditions. If money concerns for the agencies were different, I am sure so would the pass be different. The pass will not go away they need to get revenue, so they know these options are not what we want and they they still have problems. So for them they are making concessions and asking us.

Again no magic answers and none are what we truely want. Run for office and help influence change!
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