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Default Eastern Washington Adventures 2011 Christmas Tree Run

Rimrock Christmas Tree Backroads Run
Report and photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

Rimrock FS1000. Photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

About 10 AM on Saturday December 3rd, 2011 we met up at Oak Creek Ace Hardware for the annual Eastern Washington Adventures Christmas Tree Backroads Run with Pacific Northwest Backroads Adventures. On this day we had five Fords (Demontang, Demontang's Dad, Havo, Jerry & Ceg) and one Jeep (Alan).

We convoyed west on US12 past Rimrock Lake. We turned off on Tieton Road and drove past Clear Lake to FS1207. FS1207 had a snow berm blocking the road so we could not get Christmas trees there this year.

We headed on around Rimrock Lake. The road was very slick. One part was iced over and Demontang slid side ways. We turn up FS1000 to go look for Christmas trees. A few miles in we stopped because Demontang seen a good area to go look for trees. Demontang found out his 4 wheel drive did not work. He said he could fix it.

Havo went up the road to a flatter area. A few of us moved up to where he was. Havo's and Alan's families found the themselves nice Christmas trees. Once they had their Christmas trees tied down we headed back to where Demontang and his dad were.

Once the group was together we headed out. Half the rigs went home. Demontang, Demontang's Dad and I (Ceg) stopped near the end of FS1000 to let the kids sled for awhile.

This was a very fun day thanks to all who came.

See full report with 72 photos at: Report w/photos: Rimrock Christmas Tree Backroads Run - Dec 3 2011

Clay Graham

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