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Originally Posted by 1984Runner View Post
Hey Everyone,
My name is Thyer. Been married for 1.5 years and have only recently got the off roading "disease". I drove my stock T100 on a few trips to Tahuya before buying my 4runner (which is trail only right now). Unfortunately I do not really know anyone else who is into the sport so I am always looking for people to go with. I live in seattle so if anyone is wheeling in the area and would like some company post it to the forum, and hopefully ill be able to join you.
Hey Welcome Bro Nice to see you Migrate this Way, There are a Bunch of Wheelers up your way Lets See if We can Get their atten and Point you in a Direction, Have you ever thought about getting involved with a Club? It makes Wheeling So much more Fun when you know you have friends that Will Make sure you get home...

and Again Welcome to the Best Organization In The Northwest.

If you ever Have any Questions Feel fee to Blast Me or any one on this Forum...
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