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Originally Posted by Dogfather View Post
Hey Chrystal are you like trying to start an Argument here? We are all our own Police. Please refran from Creating an Argument....

now I might be mis understanding what it is your getting at But My perseption is you Scolding these folks


I've re-read your post a few times and still don't understand what you are trying to say...

Anyway, I will go ahead and try to clarify my intentions for you.

1. I'm not trying to create an argument. I'm defending NAXJA. Period.

2. NAXJA is a huge group of internet wheelers who do alot of great work.

3. One guy climbing a tree is not a fair representation of who they are.

4. Maybe it's not obvious - but wheelers should not be driving on "live" trees.

5. It would not do any good for me to talk to "tree guy". (I don't know him)

6. But I do know someone who does and hopefully "tree guy" will listen to him.

That's what I meant. Now what did you mean?



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