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Originally Posted by Art Waugh View Post
If the members of all the forums don't realize what is an appropriate pic or not, the mods on all these forums can and should pull down the very iffy, and/or bad pics in short order. And do some counsuling in the process, as to what works in our favor.

We would probably upset a few folks and discourage their future participation.

We really want people to participate here and tell their stories and post their pics.

Our policy is to send the folks a PM and ask them to edit the bad stuff themselves. If was totally inappropriate we would step in, and send them an explanation.

Like Crystal says, it's a learning curve and not everyone gets it right off, we are all in this together.

Little story,
I was wheeling with Shawn Churchill one time at Elbe, there was a sign showing a one way trail that we accidentally went up the wrong way.
I took alot of pics at the time and sent them to Bill to be posted on the Cascade website.
Shawn instructed me to not take the pic showing our jeeps facing the wrong way on the trail against the arrow. The fact that we ended up the wrong way was a forgivable honest mistake, but something even that simple would not look good posted for the world to see and would have reflected on our club.
It was the more experienced wheeler Shawn that taught me and I appreciated it. We can all do the same for our fellow wheelers.
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