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Ok so here is the responce I recieved from Irene Davidson (district ranger. Naches) Her e-mail is in her sig. line. Also attached (I hope) are the Map, form and trails list. Remember our (4x4) trails start with "4W" Remember she wants to know why the trail is important to you. Any questions just ask I will be watching this thread for responces. Please also send me a copy of your responce form so we have documentation of comments. Thanks Jim

From Irene
Here is the form and the spreadsheet. It would be best to get them in by mid next week as we are trying to gather the information for a meeting on January 31th. We won't turn any away if we receive them later though! I have also attached a copy of the map…please remember how large it is when trying to print.

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Irene Davidson, District Ranger

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