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From Jason at PNW jeep (Eastcreek)

Hey Jim

Tonight’s meeting was great..... Stay tuned, I will have more to post up about it, and will be looking for lots of input from EVERYBODY!

It's great that you guys are taking the time to fill out the trail forms, however please don't forget the non-system trails that we all use and were not shown on the map or on the list! As far as turning them in, I feel the sooner the better.

Also it might be a benefit, to keep a photo copy of all the forms you fill out. I was able to clear a few things up tonight. The current forms that you are turning in now, achieve two things; 1. Expand the knowledge of the 4x4 trail system, and emphasize the importance for all trails to stay open to Irene Davidson and 2. It was practice / an example on how to respond to the Forest Service Director when the Travel Management Plan is actually released.

We ALL must respond with productive and detailed reasons for keeping individual trails open during the 90 day public comment period following the release of the "Travel Management Proposal". This should be happen the end of March or April.

Please feel free to cross post this info. We need to get the info out there!

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