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Default Way back when...

I received an old copy of the PNW4WDA by-laws from 1975 from a friend. I thought it might help to read about how things were back then to maybe better understand where we are today. I was 7 years old back then and my family was not a PNW4WDA family - I joined when I was 19 years old after I bought my first Jeep...

Some of my favorite parts of those old by-laws go like this:

Article III
Section 1b.
Non-voting associate clubs of the PNW4WDA will pay annual dues of $25.00. Non-voting supporting members will pay annual dues of $25.00. Non-voting contributing members will pay annual dues of $50.00. Members of the advisory council wil pay annual dues of $100.00.

Section 3a.
Annual dues of the PNW4WDA voting member clubs will be due on the basis of January 1 as a fiscal year for the organization. The amount of the dues shall be $5.00 per member vehicle per 12 month year based on the number of member vehicles in each of the voting member clubs at the time dues are paid.

Although the dollar amounts are obviously a little outdated - it seemed like a reasonable, fair and inclusive way of doing things. I am hoping that some of the more seasoned PNW4WDA members can help me understand how we got from "there" to where we are today or what circumstances caused such a dramatic change from all-inclusive to practically exclusive.

Thanks in advance for any insights you all are willing to share...
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