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I'm not trying to be argumentative - I'm just trying to learn.

It looks like back in 1975 that there was an "easy" and "affordable" tier-type membership system for clubs to be a part of and support the PNW4WDA even if they were unable to strong-arm ALL of the members of their club to pay PNW4WDA dues.

I'm just curious what was so wrong with the 1975 system that it had to become what we have today? I'm not necessarily saying that today's system is bad - but it appears that membership does not seem to be increasing, but rather decreasing in the Association.

I would guess there are conservatively 500-1000 4x4 clubs in the Pacific Northwest. That would include any and all organized, loose-knit, internet, or family based type clubs regardless of the basis of their official structure. I'm saying any group of more than one family who regularly gets together to go 4-wheeling and identifies themselves with a moniker of some sort.

Using the "guesstimate" above, the PNW4WDA is less than 10-20% of the Pacific Northwest 4-wheel drive community as a whole. Wouldn't we be more powerful in our endeavors if we could find a way to get everyone on the same page and fighting the same battle?

I know that we've created a system where individuals can be "supportive", but not be able to vote - but why haven't we created a system where clubs can be "supportive" but not able to vote? Are we not an Association of Clubs?

Relax Jim - I'm not attacking what currently is - just wondering how we got here and how it could be better...
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