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Not a problem at all. In fact a good discussion. I think one of the real problem is "rules" not dues. People these day don't seem to want to have to follow "rules" In fact there is "another" association that was formed a couple of years ago because someone didn't like "our rules". This group grew momentum quickly based on the premises that "we" were creating rules that all had to live by. Truth be known that we went the ones creating the rules and in fact this new org. soon found out that rules had to be followed and members didn't like that so their membership dropped like a rock. Younger folks these days don't seem to want to belong to a group that has rules to follow. its far to easy to just form up a run on a forum and go do whatever you want. I agree our numbers are down and we need to figure out a way to increase them. Another huge problem I see is older clubs dieing off because they don't actively recruit new members to replace the once lost. We all need to recruit new members all of the time even if that means stepping out of our "comfort zone" when it comes to vehicle types. If clubs want to survive and grow then they need to replenish the gene pool now and then.
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