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As Jim stated...starting another association from scratch is tough. I have always felt the PNW4WDA could offer more. Specifically, I'd be excited to see the PNW4WDA make an effort to actively recruit new members...I know anyone can join, but what is the PNW4WDA doing to figure out what is important to the younger generation & then use that to bring in some new faces. I don't feel that rules or dues are the me, the PNW4WDA has a public relations problem (I'm not talking about you Diana ).

What is the PNW4WDA doing to actively recruit new members? Ultra4 racing is pretty popular these many of those style races has the PNW4WDA held? Straddleline is on the right path with the Best in the West Series and the PNW4WDA should get involved with that effort as a sponsor. Rock crawling is also pretty popular...why isn't the PNW4WDA trying to convince WE Rock to hold an event in WA again?

I feel like the PNW4WDA could be the one to represent ALL 4x4 users in WA State, but the organization is missing out on some great opportunities. The perception (and unfortunate reality) is that the PNW4WDA only represents a small percentage of the 4x4 community (its members) AND isn't doing much to change that. Just my opinion.

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