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Along the lines of what you're saying Crystal....Years ago I was a member of a PNW club and a PNW member myself also. All members of the club were not PNW members and one year a change was made where all club members had to be PNW members...My babbling is confusing I know.
Anyways what happened was one year the PNW wouldn't accept our dues money. Many people took this as "PNW is arrogant and just too big for their britches"....Parted ways.....
This is old news and water under the bridge but over the years things like this has painted a bad reputation for the PNW to many people in the wheeling community. It's very hard to reverse the damage done and weighs on the organization for years to come.
Last couple years or so I've been active with PNW racing and constantly trying to get new people to try it as it really is huge fun! The single biggest obstacle I've run into is the simple fact that the PNW name is associated with the racing so people don't want to try it.
I'm sure this same mentality applies to the more important aspects of PNW business where new people just don't want to be part of anything associated with the PNW name. Yes it's wrong but this is what I've observed.

Offroading as a whole is in bad shape these days in the Pacific northwest and I fear that if things don't make a big change soon we could lose our final battle. I think it's going to take a attitude change by the people in general to make this big change but I just don't see it happening.
Rick Wiltfong
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