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Originally Posted by jim putman View Post
Thanks Clay, Can you let me know what happens at this meeting ? Thanks Jim
No problem. It is going to be just like they did for the Ahtanum State Forest a few years back. They will tell us about the land and what they hope to bring for recreation.

They want to know what we want like campgrounds and user type trails. Of course don't hold your breath on getting anything anytime soon. All we got so far at the Ahtanum State Forest is a non-motorized Trailhead (parking lot) for a trail that has not been made yet.

At the end of the speaking they will be having sign ups for different user groups to pick a planning committee. I plan to sign up but am willing to step down to let someone else be on the committee that knows more about the area.

I am hope for some 4x4 trails that can be used by every user group. I really want to see some camping in the area since there is none for miles.
Clay Graham

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