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Default 2012 Jim Sprick Park Clean-up

2012 Jim Sprick Park Clean-up
Report & photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

Every year the third Saturday in April, the Pacific Northwest Four Wheel Drive Association has a clean-up at Jim Sprick Park where the Trail Jamboree takes place later in July. They have a Hobo Stew for lunch and a potluck dinner in the evening. Many camp the weekend for this event.

We came up for the day to help out. Here are a few photos of the day:

TJ Dave says, "Can you hear me now?"

I think Sid was fixing the roof.

Or maybe Sid what hiding from the boss!

Lawn mower traffic jam!

New toilets.

Paint it green!

Merrick says the Hobo Stew is about ready to be severed for lunch. Gloria looking for people to sign the volunteer sheet.

Jim gets to be the first to try the hobo stew.

My boys love the sand.

The fire where the debris was burnt.

The stage, good as new.

Trail Jamboree Host Meeting.
Clay Graham

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