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Default May updates

Walker Valley

Progress report

Volunteers make improvements to the Jam Trail in the Walker Valley ORV Trail System April 14, 2012. Photo: David Way/DNR
The Tooler Trail is open for use again! The snow finally receded enough, enabling volunteers from Skagit Motorcycle Club to finish hardening the upper sections of the trail with rock.

WCC crews have been working on the Jam Trail, SMC Trail, and Shortimer's Trail. Volunteers came out on April 14 to help DNR make the Jam Trail a more environmentally sustainable and user-friendly mainline trail. A special thanks to all the volunteers who continue to support the maintenance and operations of Walker Valley.

Walker Valley work parties

Walker Valley work parties take place every second Saturday of the month.Show up at 9 a.m. Work as long as you want. Bring a hard hat, gloves, lunch, and water. Meet at the Walker Valley Trailhead Information Kiosk,18652 Peter Burns Rd., Mount Vernon. Directions.


Mike's Trail and a short section of Doug's Loop are both closed due to old, unsafe, and failing bridges. These trails are signed 'closed' and are not safe for travel. Please respect the closures and pass the information on to others.

Be kind--dispose of waste properly

We've had quite a few reports from residents living along and near the Lake Cavanaugh Road that people have been leaving plastic bags of poop along the side of the road. We know that our readers would never resort to this kind of behavior, but you can help by reporting those who are leaving these 'deposits.' Call our Northwest Region office at 360-856-3500.

We hope you find this newsletter interesting and useful. If this newsletter was forwarded to you and you would like to subscribe, click here. Remember, you can always unsubscribe at any time. But we hope you stay with us. Let us know what you think:

For more information, contact:

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