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Originally Posted by samp View Post
I'm in. This is going to be great and the fact that this isn't getting drug out over several more years is great news. Great idea privatelly funding this where did you come up with such a steller idea.
Thanks Samp! I knew I could count on you , and I appreciate all you have done to help keep this thing alive.

Getting grant money just wasn't in the cards this year. When we went to apply for our grant last year, the USFS decided to cut it back to just a O&M grant because they felt anything bigger wouldn't be approved. Not sure if that was the case or not, but the lack of funding put our project at risk.

After that, we have been lucky in that we had a member of the ODF staff volunteer his personal time to help make this trail happen. Had this not occurred we would have been discussing a grant for next year to hire a trail designer. Instead we have had a volunteer come out and spend countless hours walking the proposed trails, preparing reports, and developing the vision of how this will be built in such a way that not only keeps the USFS happy, but also keeps us as Class II users happy.

Now is the hard part though. The meetings while long and boring, the bureaucratic red tape while frustrating and mind numbing, is in a lot of ways the easy part. Now it's about putting boots on the ground, and getting people to donate there time this summer, on short notice, to helping us build the trail.

Sure, we could wait till next year. Apply for a grant this winter, do some fund raising over the winter, sock away some dough, or we can take the opportunity the USFS has given us to build this trail this summer, AND do all the above for next years round of trails. I think that's the best way to go. It will also be a pretty cool thing in my eyes, to be able to step back once this trail is done and explain that cost the USFS nothing to build.

Here is a listing of the equipment we need for the 800 trail.
- D4 or D5, with a 6 way blade. This will be used to help carve the trail and harvest rock from the existing road bed. In order to create the dips, twists and turns, and adjustable blade is needed. It would be great if it had a ripper.
- Excavator, again with adjustable blade, but also a "thumb" to be able to move and position boulders.
- Haul rigs, both trucks to pull trailers and material as well as trailers.
- We will need man power, both as equipment operators, but also as just good old manual labor.
- We will need donations of fuel for the machinery.

If you can, or know someone who can help provide any of the above, please let us know. The La Dee Trail System will be what we make of it, and we wont be able to make it a success without your support.
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