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Originally Posted by Merrick Graves View Post
In a USFS area that has a Travel Management Plan (TMP). There is a Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM). Everyone who operates a motor vehicle must carry the map (you can be ticketed for not having a MVUM). The map shows only the roads that are open. EVERYTHING ELSE IS CLOSED. The MVUM is meant to do away with signs other than road number signs.

Takes only general map reading skills to know what and where you are with this map. Notice: do not confuse thie MVUM with a District Map ( firemans map). If a TMP is in force the MVUM is free for the asking at any District Office in the forest you are recreating in.
Hi Merrick, Thanks for your reply. I am actually quite familiar with the MVUM. Not to nit pick on the importance of having an MVUM and knowing if the trail you are on is open or closed, but I do not agree on the comment that "You can be ticketed for not having an MVUM". Perhaps that is the case in your local forest, but it is not the case in the MT Hood National Forest. If this is the case in your local forest I would appreciate any links you can provide stating this. The lack of consistency in signage (or lack of), MVUM's, and how the TMP is implemented is something I have been trying to keep track of.

You can and likely will be ticketed for being on a road that is designated as closed in the MVUM, but the lack of having one in your vehicle will not get you ticketed. There is no requirement that you must have a MVUM. It's a good idea to have one, I suggest you have one, but it is not required, and lack of having one is not a ticketable offense.

The point that I had mentioned was one that was actually raised by an USFS LEO. I have also heard the same concern from county deputies as well as from OSP fish and game. I've also had discussions with USFS personnel, where they have raised the issue of the need for signage. They have mentioned they need signage to show that an area is open to OHV use, and this last weekend heard them state they needed signage to show where an area was closed to vehicular use, or where the OHV boundary ended.

In both instances I explained to them irony that they wanted signs as the MVUM and the implementation of the TMP was suppose to no longer require signs, but in both instances I also agreed that signs would probably be a good thing. In both instances they seemed to agree that the concept of not having signs wasn't working very well. Granted these are local, mid level personnel, but if other USFS employee's in other forests are also feeling the same way and struggling with how to make the TMP and associated MVUM work... well then maybe that can be a catalyst for change.
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