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I do not work in a Forest with a TMP. 6 propasals are due to come out Fall of 2012. Public comment will narrow down the choices to a final draft. Final comment and then implementation I guess would be about maybe Fall 2014 (?). No one seems to able to give a definative answer.

I have worked with both a LEO and FPO's that stated there is a requirement in their forest (MBSNF) that requires users to carry the MVUM.

I have not found a CFR that directly relates to having a MVUM. However I found in the Mt Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest a statement on their webpage that requires a MVUM. Not finding a CFR attached with the statement requiring a MVUM I could surmise that they have a Forest Order requiring a MVUM. Come Monday I will inquire to the Ranger I have spoken to in the past about this matter if such an order exist.

I also have another publication to check. I'll look at that over this weekend.
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