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Originally Posted by Merrick Graves View Post
I do not work in a Forest with a TMP. 6 propasals are due to come out Fall of 2012. Public comment will narrow down the choices to a final draft. Final comment and then implementation I guess would be about maybe Fall 2014 (?). No one seems to able to give a definative answer.

I have worked with both a LEO and FPO's that stated there is a requirement in their forest (MBSNF) that requires users to carry the MVUM.

I have not found a CFR that directly relates to having a MVUM. However I found in the Mt Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest a statement on their webpage that requires a MVUM. Not finding a CFR attached with the statement requiring a MVUM I could surmise that they have a Forest Order requiring a MVUM. Come Monday I will inquire to the Ranger I have spoken to in the past about this matter if such an order exist.

I also have another publication to check. I'll look at that over this weekend.
Yep thats been a muddled up mess of grey water since they implemented the MUVM that and the errors that are all over the map. Then theres the fact that they didnt print anything close to the amount of maps that were needed or have them available so people could get them easily. (like when buying a NW forest pass at the Burnett store).
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