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Default Bridge Closed!

The bridge on FS 1913 closest to the FS 1900 road is closed. The order closing it is not posted as of yet but nevertheless the bridge is closed. When the order is posted the Roads crew is expected to set concrete jersey barriers blocking the bridge from both sides. The reason for this closure is that the Naches River is washing out the approach on the side of the bridge closest to the FS 1900 road. A vehicle using this approach could cause the approach to collapse possibly resulting in injury to the vehicle occupants. It is currently not known when repairs can be expected.

This closure will interupt the 4w684 trail. Normally you could start the trail at the trail entry on the FS 1900 Road and via the "Rabbit Holes" and come out on the Fs 1913 road. Then cross the bridge and re-enter the 4w684 trail to continue. That will not be possible. The trail will remain open and posted as to the interupt at the bridge.

To use the trail now you may chose to start at the entry on the FS 1913 road. Or you could also continue to one of the other road crossing along the trail. There is plenty of parking in the dispersed area at that entry. Please do not park on the road.
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