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Guess this belongs here.

Just recieved this tonight.

Aaron Barnes posted in PNW4WDA
Aaron Barnes 7:28pm Jun 18
Hello Folks, Please read this entire message. There will be many important details in here and I don't want you to miss anything. We are finally in a position where we can announce when trail construction will occur. I know this is an announcement many of you have asked about, and now I am finally in a position to be able to answer.

This weekend a group of dedicated class II users met with the USFS and gained agreement to begin trail construction of the 800 trail. Thanks to the work of all involved, but especially our volunteer trail designer we have gained approval to move forward with flagging the 800 trail. This work will begin in late June. This will involve reducing the current road to a width of 80", and identifying the trail center line. It will also involve connecting the two 800 spurs together which will result in approximately 2 miles of class I, II, III and IV trails. The trail management objective (TMO) for this trail will be a moderate difficulty level class II trail that is more difficult to class I an III users. The trail corridor needs to stay within the existing road prism, but we are confident we can meet the TMO even with this limitation.

Once trail flagging is completed it is our intent to begin trail construction immediately and we have gained USFS approval to do so. We estimate that we will begin trail construction under the careful guidance of our trail designer in mid July. For trail construction we will need the donation of volunteer time, money, equipment, and expertise. We will be looking to the OHV users for volunteer support. We do not have any funding or grant support at this time for trail construction. This trail will be designed and built with 100% volunteer time, money and labor. We need your help to make this happen.

Here is a listing of the equipment we need for the 800 trail.
- D4 or D5, with a 6 way blade. This will be used to help carve the trail and harvest rock from the existing road bed. In order to create the dips, twists and turns, and adjustable blade is needed. It would be great if it had a ripper.
- Excavator, again with adjustable blade, but also a "thumb" to be able to move and position boulders.
- Haul rigs, both trucks to pull trailers and material as well as trailers.
- We will need man power, both as equipment operators, but also as just good old manual labor.
- We will need donations of fuel for the machinery.

If you can volunteer any of the above, we need your help to create the initial class II trail for the La Dee OHV area. Without your support we wont be able to do this. I am hoping we can count on your support.

As part of the agreement we have with our trail designer, he is requiring that all volunteers attend a trail tour in the Tillamook State Forest. We will be reviewing newly built trails, to gain an understanding of the design technique used to create sustainability and user enjoyment. All equipment operators must attend this training prior to working in La Dee.

Our first trail tour will be held Sunday June 24th. We will be meeting at Lee's Camp Store on HWY 6 at 10:00AM. Please be on time, we will have a lot of ground to cover, and we need to be respectful of our designer who is volunteering his time. I encourage anyone who wants to volunteer to arrive at the Lee's Camp Store no later than 9:45AM.

The Lee's Camp store is located at
48400 Wilson River Highway
Tillamook, OR 97141

Here is a link for a google map.

Thank you for all of your patience as we worked through the hurdles leading up to this. It is now time to begin building trail! It's been a long road, but soon, with your support, we will have something awesome to show for it. I look forward to seeing you on the 24th.
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