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Default Santiam Pass Summer Motorized Vehicle Area

The trails are open and guess what?
July 14, 2012 is the work party to access damage and figure out how to limit the carnage of the sentry trees lining the trail 210.

The Forest Service doesn't like rigs using trees as turning posts and this is what is happening.

One very large rig un-sportmanslike ran down the trail, evidence of scrapes and trees downed half the length of the trail upon which he tired and made a new road through to the easy road and out he went. Cost? Days of repair for PNW volunteers and possibly the whole trail.

I read on a post on another forum how easy the trail 210 looked for him from his computer chair....And how a Sami was making it too hard he couldn't wait to get his full sized Chevy on the trail to show how it was done.

Thank you mister but you aren't a skilled driver if you take out the trail's lining shrubs and trees you are just a jack---. If I get deleted from here sorry and I am preaching to women and men who know how to keep access but I am speaking to a few who seem bound on tearing up the forest's remaining access trails.

So anyway we hope we see lots of folks at Ray Benson Parking Lot 9:00 am July 14 for the first 2012 workparty!!!
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